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TX 1200 Cold Water Washer rsz_tx1200_cold_water_washer_clipped_rev_1

The TX 12-100 Cold Water Washer with a built – in chemical tank is light in weight, portable, boasts easy manoeuvrability and good balance. The TX 12-100 is powered by a 3HP electric motor and is one of the best options for maintaining interior areas as the machine does not emit fumes. It is also ideal for maintaining outdoor areas as long as there is a plug point nearby. The TX 12-100 is an all rounder and is suitable for car wash facilities, agricultural, industrial and domestic use.


  • 1800 PSI
  • 12 LPM
  • Brass Pump Head
  • Ceramic Pistons
  • Built in Chemical Tank
  • Motor Thermal Overload
  • 3FT Heavy Duty Lance
  • 8M HP Hose
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