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Multi 5 3 Phase Proffessional Hot Wash rsz_multi_5_3_phase_professional_hot_wash_clipped_rev_1.jpeg

The Multi 5 is the most powerful steam machine in the Multi range. With pressure of 4500 PSI, our new professional Multi 5 offers cleaning power like no other. This hot water industrial electric pressure washer takes advantage of the steam to clean and sanitize flawlessly any surface. The Multi 5 is ideally suited to mechanical processing industries using resins or glues, the food industry, industrial kitchens, car washes and local authorities for the maintenance of public spaces, cleaning of monuments, removal of graffiti and chewing gum. The Multi 5 is supplied with 380v 3 phase electric current. The Multi 5 features adjustable auto stop and a low level fuel warning and combined with the powdered coated chassis and stainless steel hood these features extend the life of this hard working and durable machine.

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  • 4500 PSI
  • 21 LPM
  • Temperature 30-150ᵒC
  • High And Low Pressure Chemical
  • 10M HP Hose And Mains Cable
  • Heavy Duty 4FT Lance
  • Adjustable Auto Stop
  • Steam Valve
  • Low Level Fuel Warning
  • Stainless Steel Hood
0.00 Shipping 0.00 each