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Multi 3 Professional Hot Wash rsz_multi_3_professional_3_phase_hot_wash_clipped_rev_1.jpeg

The Multi 3 Professional 3 – Phase hot water pressure washer is an extremely powerful machine with a pressure of 3000 PSI and 15 litres of water per minute flow rate. The Multi 3 is designed for constant and demanding use and will get the job done no matter how obstinate the task. The Multi 3 features piston pumps of a professional kind and burners that are big and highly productive. The Multi 3 also has a thermostat for temperature regulation and a pressure adjustment control. It has a robust structure, a powder chassis, stainless steel cover and easy functionality which combined significantly lengthen its life. The Multi 3 is supplied with 380v three phase current.

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  • 3000psi
  • Temperature 30-150ᵒ C
  • High And Low Pressure Chemical
  • 7.5 HP Motor
  • Heavy Duty 4FT Lance
  • Adjustable Auto Stop
0.00 Shipping 0.00 each