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Multi 21 3 Phase Cold Water Washer rsz_multi_21_3phase_cold_water_washer_clipped_rev_1

Electric power washing machines are highly recommended when it comes to cleaning indoor areas or limited outdoor spaces with easy access to electrical sockets. The Multi 21 3 phase is one such option with a pressure of 3000 PSI and 21 litres of water per minute. This 3 phase, electric powered washer is built for durability and power and does not emit fumes. It is built on a steel base and has a hard – wearing stainless steel cover to ensure a longer life span. It is portable and suitable for heavy industrial work.

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  • 3000 PSI
  • 21 LPM
  • Brass Pump Head
  • Ceramic Pistons
  • Motor Thermal Overload
  • 10M HP Hose
  • Heavy Duty 4FT Lance
  • Stainless Steel Hood
0.00 Shipping 0.00 each