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MULTI 2 PROFFESSIONAL HOT WASH rsz_multi_2_professional_hot_wash_clipped_rev_1.jpeg

The Multi 2 Professional hot water pressure washer is top of the range in that this machine will meet all of you power washing demands. The Multi 2 is suitable for haulage companies, hotels and cleaning companies. The high operating pressure of 2000 PSI and a flow rate of 11 LPM make this a powerful and hard working machine. The Multi 2 features a low pressure chemical system making it possible to spray detergent with a wide conical jet on areas near to the user.

The Multi 2 also features a delayed total stop meaning that when the trigger on the gun is released the pressure washers motor will stop after a few seconds. This is hugely beneficial as it avoids the continuous start and stop of the motor during washing and lengthens the Multi 2’s life. The Multi 2 is supplied with 220v one phase electric current.

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  • 2000 PSI 11 LPM
  • Temperature 30 – 85ᵒ C
  • Low pressure chemical
  • 10m mains cable
  • 10m HP hose
  • Interpump brass head
  • 2 bearing 3 HP motor
  • Stainless steel hood
0.00 Shipping 0.00 each