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Interpump Kit 97 Water Seals Repair Kit 0.00 Shipping 0.00 each

Interpump Kit 97 Water Seals Repair Kit 20180210_120449_clipped_rev_1.jpeg

The Interpump Kit 97 water seal repair kit includes three high pressure water seals, three back up seals, three large o-rings and three small o-rings to suit certain types of Interpump power washers.

This kit will fit the following models: W1507, WW56, WW90, WW93, WW94, WW906, WW907, WW909, WW1510, WW1511, WW1511LX, WW1513, TT1508C, TT1510C, TT1511C, TT1513C.

It will also suit other models not listed. If you are unsure whether this kit will fit your Interpump pump then please contact us.


  • Three high pressure water seals
  • Three back up seals
  • Three large o-rings
  • Three small o-rings
0.00 Shipping 0.00 each