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GX390 13HP HONDA PETROL WASHER 0.00 Shipping 0.00 each

GX390 13HP HONDA PETROL WASHER rsz_gx_390_13hp_honda_petrol_washer_red_frame_clipped_rev_1.jpeg

The 13HP Honda petrol washer is a powerful and durable pressure cleaning machine. It is powered by a Honda GX 390 engine which is one of the most favoured engines for use in professional washers because of its reliability and output. It boasts easy manoeuvrability and good balance. The two handles protect the washer during transportation and ensure easy loading and unloading form the job site.

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  • 3000 PSI 15 LPM
  • 2550 PSI 21 LPM
  • 2550 PSI 21 LPM E/S
  • Honda Oil Alert Engine
  • 4FT Heavy Duty Lance
  • 10 M HP Hose
  • 3M Suction Hose And Filter
0.00 Shipping 0.00 each